Your Business. Our Passion.

We know you've poured your heart and soul into your business. Make sure it's covered.

You've spent countless hours building and nurturing your business. You and your employees depend on it. It's your livelihood. Give your business the protection it deserves with the help of Mednefits - we have insurance for all your business needs


Business Solution Insurance

This general insurance package offers a combo of insurance plans for small to medium size commercial, retail, and industrial companies. This combines property all risks, public and product liability, work injury compensation, and more. 


Commercial Motor Insurance

This is designed to reduce your stress and help your business cover the financial costs from a road accident if your vehicles is involved in an accident. Whether you use your own car or a fleet of vehicles to get the job done, we have a coverage option for you.


Group Health & Employee Benefits

This protects your employees for any unexpected injury or illness. Life exposes to a variety of hazards at work and your employees may have to cope with unforeseen bills. Coverage options such as hospital and surgical, outpatient, dental.



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