The story behind our story


From a basement office in Tanjong Pagar to now, a Suntec office which inspires.

Still in the heart of Singapore.


Our journey began in 2014...

It was the year, where both Chris and Hadi experienced personal losses with the demise of their loved ones. 'Victims' of Singapore's high healthcare cost, the 2 childhood friends were inspired to figure out a way to tackle the rising cost in a sustainable and affordable manner.

Long timers in the insurance and technology sector, they strongly believed that more could be done to serve the community. After many sessions of kopi-o and the occasional Tiger beer, the team came to 2 simple observations: The current one-size fits all, health insurance model heavily favoured the upper end of the market. And, when costs rise, the ones getting the brunt are either the self-employed or the SMEs, the segment that is simply under-served.

Driven by 3 guiding principles: technology, data and design, it was time to band a team focus on a mission: Bring affordable care for SMEs and the self-employed. It was definitely time to use Technology to simplify the value chain. Time to use Data to personalise solutions affordably. And also, time to use Design to make health benefits more human.

To date, our customers love our #betterbenefits approach and through it, we have been able to give them a better healthcare experience - the kind we want for ourselves, and our loved ones.

Better benefits for the under-served.


We called it, Mednefits.